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South Asian Nursery school & Day Care Point and Kids Event Management founded 2022,
No 623/17B, Jaya Mawatha, Homagama, Sri Lanka
Tel No-0713 182898
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Play Groups upto Upper nursery classes start 9.00 a.m-12.00 p.m

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Acquainting the eyes and minds of young children with letters is our school's method of teaching letters. For that, a special program is implemented in our school under the supervision of the management.


When the child is handed over from home to our school, our school is responsible for his or her nutrition. Therefore, to improve the nutrition of young children, under the guidance of our school's specialized nutritionist, a nutritional program is implemented daily and we will reject artificial foods.

Extra Curriculum Attractive

As an educational institution, our primary objective is to produce people with good personality who will work for the country. A special program is being implemented under our special group to develop qualities such as collegiality when working as a group to remove negative qualities such as shyness of children to present any aspect in front of a group.

Home Work Clubs

Kids are forgetting their home works which are given from school due to their parent’s buzzy. We are providing a special programe to build up their taste to do home work

Child Care Point

Children between the ages of 1 1/2 to 10 years old are enrolled in our day care center, and it is run by a special team from 8:30 am to 5 pm, five days a week. Closed on public holidays and Poya days.

Kids Event Management

The events organized by our school on specific days of the year are managed by our management. Experts in the field will join us here. All the extracurricular activities are conducted through this institute which we own.

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South Asian Nursery opens it’s doors to children at 2+ years providing an opportunity for them to develop from play group up to upper nursery classes. With state of all facilities. The children complete all their basic learning preliminary concepts supported by a team of qualified and well experienced teachers and educations. Every child has the opportunity to receive a truly world class preschool education in a discipline, spiritual and the diversity of our culture. This makes South Asian Nursery School a unique lerning experience.

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No 623/17B, Jaya Mawatha, Homagama, Sri Lanka




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